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Jul 23, 2022

EMSA All Star Event Tier 5 

This Outdoor the All Star games will be held on Saturday, July 23 2022 (July 24 will be kept as a rainout day) at the Charpentier West Complex 10058 231 Street.

Tier 5 U13-U17 Community City Wide age categories and genders will be featured at this exciting and fun event.  Please see the following information below:

Charpentier West Complex Field Status JULY 23th TBA

The head coach of each team participating has been added into the All Star website, if you wish to change the team official who will be attending with your team please log in and make the edit yourself . Once coaches have access to login, I will send an e-mail conformation to everyone on Tuesday July 12 the head coach will be able to login add your players participating directly into the roster.

Please click on All Star format (located on the front page of the website) to confirm the number of players you will be sending to participate for your team, as some age groups may differ.

When adding your players in please ensure you add their playing positions beside their name along with your team name. Coaches will have contact info to reach out to other coaches participating on their team if they need too as well!

  • Forward = FWD
  • Mid = MID
  • Defense = DFS
  • Keeper = KP

Example TRSA (Davis) would label their players into the roster like: James John KP  (TRSA Davis) this way everyone can see which players are playing what positions and which teams the players are coming from!

**All Players Participating in All Star MUST be added in by Friday July 15 @ 12PM**

All Star Format Click Here

All Star Rules and Regulations  Click Here

EMSA All Star Event


Charpentier West Complex 1
10058-231 Strret
Charpentier West Complex 2
10058-231 Strret
Charpentier West Complex 3
10058 231 Street